Brought Home Pepper, other ramblings from today.

by Chris on July 22, 2009

Pepper the dog.

Pepper the dog.

Well we did it lol. We went out and picked up a new puppy. He’s a lab/shephard mix and he’s about 8 weeks old. SO CUTE. I have to say that I have fallen for this little guy harder than I have any dog since Happy the springer spaniel from my youth. I was fully prepared to say NO WAY when Gayle was showing me the pictures, but Pepper melted me and I knew he would be coming home. Our rent just went up $50 per month because of it, and I’m out $100 for the dog, another $100 in new puppy stuff, and we haven’t even taken him into the vet yet. Oh well. I sure hope we do him justice compared to dogs from our past. I have to personally make sure that he’s being trained and loved 24×7, so he can be a normal inside member of our family.

Other stuff that happened today:

I summoned the courage to go online and read the symptoms of Asperger’s Disease to see if I actually have it, and I really don’t think I do. I’m going to bring it up with my therapist, however, because now I want to know the truth no matter what. Maybe it will help us figure out how to help our kids…

I met with a couple managers at Microsoft today on the phone and it looks like I’m going back to Redmond a few days a week for several months, if not for good. I’m actually very excited to get back into normal work life for a while. I worry about the stability of my home in my absence and will be very sensitive to it. I sure hope we can make this all work. My wife and kids by all means come first, so if it isn’t working I’ll either force Microsoft to let me work remotely, move to Redmond, or change to a local employer, preferrably in that order.

I think this puppy may be what Gayle needs to get her life back on track, being awake and taking care of the kids and home during the day. I pray that it makes a difference in her motivation level! I know we will all be happier when she’s happier with her own performance as a wife and mother.

Tomorrow I may be purchasing a conversion van, so that I can live in it when I’m in Redmond and save money in the long run.

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