Dropped off Daniel at WYA

by Chris on July 20, 2009

Today was an exciting day. Gayle and I stayed up all night preparing for Daniel’s  big day. We left shortly before 6am and got to Bremerton an hour early so we could have breakfast together. We then went into the high school for in-processing. Gayle wasn’t prepared for the feelings she felt there, worrying about her baby boy and not liking the way the drill sergeants were treating the kids. It was all I could do to comfort her and let her know how proud I was of Daniel for volunteering for this program, and how excited I was for the benefits he was going to find while being there.

We came home around 3pm, got some much needed sleep, and then headed out to Willow Grove around 8pm to walk the 10 acre lot we were thinking about purchasing. We met the neighbors there, Jeff and Pam, who answered lots of questions about the land, area, building permits, etc. We then went out to Chinese for dinner  and headed home. When we got home, we took a bath together and made love. It was an outstanding day all in all, and I felt very appreciated and loved by my wife and son.

We also started considering other housing options, including staying where we are and looking for smaller lots closer in and for less money. Time will tell what we decide to do there!

One other note about today. This evening, Gayle told me that if Microsoft ends up making me work three for even five days a week in Seattle away form home, she will never leave or cheat on me again. It felt good to hear her go out of her way to say that, but I still feel hesitation in trusting that she is ready to stay forever. I’ll just keep loving her and let time prove out the truth I guess!

We didn’t make it to church today for a good reason (WYA inprocessing for Daniel) but I still want to get on a better schedule and start attending as a family, for the good of all of us.

Please Lord, keep Daniel safe and give him courage and wisdom to navigate the foreign world he finds himself in tonight, and guide him through successfully. I long to see him return home healthier, more confident in who he is as Your creation, and ready to take on the the challenges in his life, including education, relationships and his relationship with you.

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