Gayle’s mental break-through

by Chris on August 11, 2009

This was the week when Gayle sat down and heard a doctor tell her that she has ADHD with a side of OCD for sure, Bi-Polar Disorder type 2, and a neurotransmitter deficiency (an interesting way of describing clinical depression). The doctor explained that this is fairly common given the right circumstances growing up, and that it has a lot to do with the events that took place when she was a child. He also told her that yes, she IS a burden to those around her because of it, and that she is in effect living with a disability. That was a lot to take in for me, and no doubt even more so for Gayle.  We both seemed to feel oddly relieved by what the doctor shared, especially since there are many things that can be done to manage it now that we think we know what’s going on. This entire week with Gayle has been unexpectedly pleasant, and I wonder if it’s because of some level of peace of mind on Gayle’s part about the future.

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