Phil and Becky’s custody battle begins.

by Chris on August 11, 2009

Last week was full of excitement around the impending action that Phil and Becky are taking against Megan. This Wednesday, she will be served by two separate lawyers regarding custody of her kids. They will be place in emergency custody under Phil and Becky, and Megan will be required to have a hair sample drug screening and will need to successfully complete in-treatment before she gets to see the kids again. That also means she will lose all of her income when she loses custody of the kids.

My statement is being used as evidence against Megan, and I am concerned about the consequences to me and my family by participating. I do believe it’s the right thing to do though, and trust that God will keep us, whatever that ends up meaning.

Gayle is walking with a hop in her step, feeling a little too much joy over the impending action against Megan. I understand why, but Proverbs speaks out against rejoicing in the trouble of your enemy so I’m a little worried about it. I need to pray about that tonight for sure.

I sat on Becky’s couch for about an hour, listening to stories from Becky, Ray and Phil about Megan. I felt so STUPID, not knowing what kind of person I was actually considering marrying. My relationship with her caused so much pain to Gayle and my marriage, but I feel so violated and lied to by Megan I could just scream. Well I do believe she’s getting exactly what she deserves, and I hope these consequences cause her to wake up and get help, both for her lying and her severe personality problems, before permanent damage is done to her children.

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