Letter to Daniel #3

by Chris on July 22, 2009

Hi Son,

Today was a busy day indeed! I brought home a new puppy named Pepper. He’s just an 8 week old mut, half lab and half shepherd down the street, but he’s adorable. I almost didn’t share that with you since I don’t want to do anything to get your focus off of the challenge before you at WAY, but I took a chance that it would be something you would like to hear about and that you’re focused enough to stay on track. I included a picture with this letter so you can see how cute he is! Let’s hope we do a better job at house training this little guy so he can stay inside and actually be a family dog for once!

I also found out that I’ll be working in Seattle a few days a week starting on Monday, so with that in mind I’m thinking about buying a van with a fold down bed in the back to save money. I’ll let you know what I decide on that.

I was looking over the WYA web site today, thinking about you and your adventure. Those dorms are nice and clean! I’ll bet they work you pretty hard to keep them that way lol. Mom ran across something on there that really made us think, and I wanted to share it with you. The Cadre position is not actually military. They’re trained civilians. Once you have two years college education, like at LCC, preferably in some kind of teaching job, you could actually get hired at WYA (or anywhere else in the country that does this program) as an actual Cadre! They require two years college, the ability to pass the physical exam to lead the troops, and they you get hired for like $3,000 per month as a Cadre Assistant for the first year and $3500 per month as a Cadre the second year. We just thought that you might actually be interested in such a career, as it would let you be THE BOSS, “herding cats” like we always tease, while helping young men who are frustrated and lost get their lives back on track. Anyway, just a thought and I wanted to let you know it was a possibility. Maybe if you think about it during your experience there, it will somehow make it easier for you to endure and if you decide you want to do it, maybe tell a Cadre once you are able to bond with one of them later in the experience (probably after hard core). I’m not pushing you in that direction at all, just thought it might be something you would find interesting!

Ok, today was the 21st, so I read Proverbs 21. Two verses jumped out at me today when I thought of you. First, verse 21, “He who pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity and honor.” Read that a couple times to see if you can realize the meaning in your heart. The second verse is 23, “He who guards his mouth and his tongue keeps himself from calamity.” Calamity by the way means trouble. 🙂 Seemed like excellent advice during hardcore, and really for the rest of your life!

Anyway, I love you, miss you, and want you to STAY FOCUSED on the task before you as you make it through Hard Core. I don’t know if you’re having trouble or not, but if you feel like you can’t take it, please believe me when I say IT REALLY DOES GET EASIER as you keep working at it and never give up. If it’s easy for you, then you’re a lucky man lol.

I still haven’t received a letter from you and I can’t wait to get one! I’m sure you haven’t even had a chance to write yet and I’m waiting patiently. :):)


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